7 Best Silicone Kitchen Tools

7 Best Silicone Kitchen Tools
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Hi there AWBK readers! We’ve made it to day #11 of Blogtober. I’m patting myself on the back because it’s been a rough week for personal reasons, but I’ve taken a licken and kept on ticken! Thank you all for reading, commenting, sharing, liking, retweeting, etc. It’s so encouraging to know you enjoy these posts! Today, I’m approaching a new type of article. This is a fun little review/recommendation list of my 7 best silicone kitchen tools!

Before I continue, I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge the large elephant in the room… Namely, the “She’s trying to sell me stuff.” I’m just as leary as the next person (if not more) about being marketed to everywhere I go. This article is a review that might be helpful if you’re interested in trying out some silicone products but haven’t yet taken the opportunity. I’ll include links in case you’d like to get something you see here, but no worries if this post isn’t your cup of tea. I won’t be offended, and there will be plenty more recipes and reflective pieces coming to AWBK. However, if you’re someone who’s open to trying new kitchen gear, I invite you to continue reading. Since discovering silicone kitchen products from my Mom’s collection, I’ve fallen in love for so many reasons. So I’m sharing these pieces because I’m confident that you’ll enjoy them too!

Silicone is one of the up-and-coming materials for kitchen tools. It’s durable, easy to clean, withstands high temperatures, doesn’t scratch nonstick surfaces, and comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures from stretchy to solid. I love every. single. piece. of silicone kitchen gear I own and use many of them every day.

I’ve compiled a list of my top silicone kitchen gear picks from Amazon with some commentary. Some of these things I already own and others are definitely on my wishlist, (hint hint.)

  1. Silicone Stretch Lids
    • I discovered these while visiting my Grandma this summer. These silicone lids stretch over square and circular bowls, pots, cups, and the like. My one critique is that they work best on containers with handles or rims. This makes it much easier to anchor the silicone and then be able to stretch it over the rest of the container. Other than this, these silicone covers are awesome. They definitely fill in for missing lids, a kitchen problem as common as the random-sock-in-laundry phenomenon.
  2. Silicone Ziploc Bags
    • Silicone storage bags are great if you’re looking for a way to use fewer disposable plastics but still want the convenience of a ziploc bag. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they are preferable to the traditional plastic bag. The silicone material is thicker, allowing it to hold up longer under repeated use, freezing, reheating, and washing. Give these a try and see if you don’t want to (finally) kiss your old ziplocs goodbye.
  3. Silicone Baking Mats
    • Silpat baking mats have been a staple in my and my Mother’s kitchen for years now. These mats are little pieces of genius, saving us hours of scrubbing baked food remains from our cookie sheets. Thank God for silpat!! These come in a variety of sizes – everything from a cute tiny mat perfect for your toaster oven tray to the full sized versions beloved by bakers of chocolate chip cookies and macarons alike. If you’re looking for a piece of silicone gear that will save you a lot of clean-up frustration, give these baking mats a try. Take it from someone who HATES washing more dishes than I absolutely have to. Seriously. These are the bomb.
  4. Silicone Utensils
    • Silicone utensils are one of the products I use every day in my kitchen. They withstand high temperatures, so I don’t worry about melting them on my frying pan. And they don’t scratch, so they’re my favorite when I’m using my soapstone cookware, nonstick frying pans, and cast iron. All around, if I could only recommend one silicone kitchen product, a good set of utensils like this one would be my pick. BTW – these are easy to wash because food doesn’t get stuck on them. They won’t rot like wood or bamboo, and they dry quickly.
  5. Silicone Mixing Bowls
    • You’ll enjoy silicone mixing bowls if you like to pour straight from your mixing bowl into your frying pan, cake pan, or blender. The flexibility of silicone shines in the design of these mixing bowls because you can create the perfect pouring spout by simply pinching the sides. No more drips from trying to pour your mix out of a straight-edged mixing bowl.
  6. Silicone Baking Cups
    • If you’re not ready to part with your metal muffin pans, try these silicone baking cups to save yourself the extra cleanup. No one loves soaking and scrubbing each little groove and bowl in a muffin pan. And with these silicone baking cups, you won’t have to. Their flexible enough to easily pop out baked goods yet sturdy enough to withstand high temperatures when baking.
  7. Silicone Muffin Pan
    • Gone are the days of scrubbing out metal muffin pans. These silicone molds (three – one for bite size brownies, one for muffins, and another for brioche) are flexible so it’s easy to pop out your baked goods. You’ll be able to cook with less oil, butter, or lard because food doesn’t stick to silicone like it does with regular metal pans.

Well… that’s it for tonight! I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to silicone kitchen tools. By no means is this a comprehensive list! I’d love to stick around and geek out with you some more but it’s almost 11 pm, and my son will probably wake up at 5 am like he did this morning… which means I’m about to pass out on my laptop!!! So I’ll see you tomorrow for Blogtober day #12. And hopefully well before the clock strikes midnight, God willing!! Solong for now. And I sincerely hope you get more rest than I do. OK. Bye…(clunk… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a;sldkf a;sldkf ;alsdfj;alsdgja;ls dfo;asf d).

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4 thoughts on “7 Best Silicone Kitchen Tools”

  • OK… You got me. You have peaked my interest.
    I own the silpats and some silicone spatulas but now I think it would be good to try the silicone Ziploc bags and stretch lids . I’d also be interested to see the bowls.

    If I check out this post again another time any chance there will be links to view some of these things on Amazon?

    • Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by. The baking cups make my life A LOT easier! And you’re welcome – it’s my pleasure, especially if it helps you find something you really like!

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